The Art Of Tattooing

The art of tattooing one's body has become immensely popular throughout most of the world. Tattoo artists can work in shops, studios or parlors and they consider their work as skin art or tattoo art.

There are multiple reasons for tattoos with some being an unwanted result of an uncontrolled factor and others being the result of a purposeful action.

Past Uses For Tattoos
In the past, there were cruel uses of tattoos such as in early China, people who committed crimes were given facial tattoos that related to specific crimes that they committed. If they were innocent, the tattoo was still there to ostracize them. Soldiers in the Roman Empire were tattooed on their hands so that desertion would be difficult. And during the atrocities of the World War II Holocaust, prisoners in concentration camps such as Auschwitz were tattooed for identification. These tattoos were worn by the survivors for the balance of their lives. All these incidences of tattooing were not voluntary and were meant to control the individuals.

Common Tattoo Uses For Today
Now, other reasons for different types of tattoos are decided upon by the wearer. The cosmetic tattoo has become popular in the form of permanent makeup for such things as eye liner, lip liner and lipstick. Tattoos can be used as skin color enhancements when there is a skin discoloration. Surgical scars can be hidden with tattoos.

Tattoos are also used to show membership to different groups. Certain religions are known for their specific tattoos. Members of gangs sometimes display a gang tattoo.

Tattoo Application Methods
So for whatever reason tattoos have been used in the past and in the present, the method of applying them is fairly consistent.

The application process involves puncturing the outer layer of skin and injecting the color to get the design one desires. A tattoo gun is used by most tattoo artists because the gun moves rapidly and punctures the skin easily. The single needle tattoo gun is best for tattoos with lines or intricate designs. After a tattoo is completed, the needle should be disposed so that there is no possibility of spreading infection from one person to another.

The electronic tattoo gun has become very popular today because there are groups of needles attached to a bar that can inject ink into the skin at a very rapid rate. The needles can go in and out of the skin hundreds of thousands of times each minute. An experienced tattoo artist using an electronic machine can deliver a great looking tattoo.

Tattoo Colors
When deciding upon the colors to be used in a tattoo, it is a good idea to get color balance. Black and white are popular colors but there are all kinds of other colors too. It is important to get color balance as well as the right shape of tattoo for the individual. The best shape of a tattoo aligns with the contours of the body. An experienced tattoo artist can give the best suggestions for achieving good color and shape.

Watch For Infection
The tattoo is pigment implantation using a design with ink and they are either symbolic of something important to the wearer or they are purely decorative. Even though tattoos have been around thousands of years, there is still a risk of infection which must be watched for especially in the first couple of weeks after receiving a tattoo.

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